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Carr Allison Successful in TN

Sean W. Martin and Derek W. Mullins successfully defended a campground owner in a dog bite case.  The plaintiffs were guests at a campground in upper east Tennessee.  The campground was dog friendly so long as the dog was on leash and under control at all times.  According to the plaintiffs, they were walking their dog, on leash, around the campground when it was attacked by a dog they described as a “pit bull” owned by another guest of the campground.  In attempting to separate the fighting dogs, a plaintiff was bitten.  The owner of the “pit bull” told a different tale.  He stated that the plaintiffs’ dog was off leash and attacked his dog.  The plaintiffs were  unable to prove that the owner of the campground had any knowledge that either dog was dangerous or had been aggressive in the past.  The campground owner moved for summary judgment and the plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed the case.


COVID-19 Response Team and Resources (Updated 7/10)

Below are links to all the resources about COVID-19.  If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 and your obligations as an employer, please do not hesitate to contact someone on our Carr Allison COVID-19 Response Team.   Carr Allison Resource Teams Carr Allison Response Team: Click Here Carr Allison Workers’ Compensation […]

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Defense Win for Sausaman and Vickers in Jacksonville

Shareholder Heath Vickers and Counsel Alison Sausaman, of Carr Allison’s Jacksonville (FL) office, prevailed on dispositive motions in a Section 1983 case alleging that an officer performed an unreasonable search and used excessive force during the course of an arrest. The court granted their motion to dismiss all claims against […]

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Complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act

Never before have employment laws been more complicated or difficult to apply as they are now. Issues such as temporary business closures, employees working from home and the need for a significant increase in effort required from “essential” workers greatly complicate matters. Check out the article below for general guidance […]

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