Sherman and Sausaman Win Summary Judgment

The plaintiff filed suit against the City of Marathon and its Councilman alleging negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and assault. Austin and Alison moved for summary disposition due to plaintiff’s failure to comply with Section 768.28, Florida Statutes, Failure to State a Cause of Action, and the Councilman’s entitlement to qualified immunity.

After multiple hearings, the trial court granted the motion and the plaintiff filed an appeal. The court affirmed the lower court’s ruling finding that the plaintiff failed to comply with the Florida Statute and that the Councilman was entitled to qualified immunity.

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Zwilling Presents Webinar on How to Not Get Sued for Discrimination or Harassment

No employer wants to be sued, but employment-related lawsuits are on the rise and jury verdicts in employment cases are out of control.  There are steps every employer can take to greatly reduce the likelihood of being sued for discrimination or harassment. In the event a lawsuit is filed, those […]

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Ross Selected for Membership in the ACTA

Carr Allison Shareholder Brett Ross has been selected for membership in the American College of Transportation Attorneys (ACTA). A nationally known attorney, Brett has practiced in the transportation arena for 29 years. ACTA is a select group of 32 transportation defense lawyers from across the United States that serves as […]

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Oliver, Vann and Team Obtain Favorable Verdict

Carr Allison shareholders Tom Oliver and Dennis Vann successfully defended a hazmat motor carrier in a week-long trial in Birmingham (AL). The case was brought following an incident in 2019 that alleged the motor carrier unloaded a chemical into the wrong tank creating a hazardous gas cloud affecting numerous employees […]

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