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Dram Shop Case Where Neighbor Shot Minor Survives Summary Judgment

In Tennessee, a Knox County Circuit Court Judge is permitting a wrongful death lawsuit to continue against a sports bar accused of over-serving a teenage customer, Evan Hall, who later crashed into a neighbor’s yard and was shot to death by his neighbor and former classmate Bush. Hall’s parents have brought a $7.5 million lawsuit against the sports bar, Bush, and his parents.

The sports bar argues that the cause of Hall’s death was not foreseeable. It further contends there is no connection between serving Hall too much alcohol and his being shot by Bush. Hall’s attorneys; however, argue that the sports bar was negligent per se for violating the criminal law forbidding serving alcohol to minors. The Court adopted the argument of Hall’s attorneys, finding that due to its violation of the applicable criminal law, the only way the sports bar could avoid this suit is by showing Hall did something to cause his death. Because the sports bar did not put forth the necessary evidence, the case has been allowed to proceed.

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COVID-19 Response Team and Resources (Updated 8/25)

Below are links to all the resources about COVID-19.  If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 and your obligations as an employer, please do not hesitate to contact someone on our Carr Allison COVID-19 Response Team.   Carr Allison Resource Teams Carr Allison Response Team: Click Here Carr Allison Workers’ Compensation […]

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EEOC Addresses Right of Employers to Require Periodic COVID-19 Testing and Other Issues

As the pandemic continues to evolve, the EEOC has been providing updates addressing new questions that have arisen concerning Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws. To learn more about these questions and answers click here.  

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DOL Issues Updated Guidance to Assist Employers with School-Related Leave Under the FFCRA

The Department of Labor recently issued guidance to provide assistance to employers trying to determine what leave is required when schools are closed, or partially closed, as a result of COVID-19. To learn more about what this means for you, Click Here.  

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